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What is a bond?

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It is a bond issued at first request, the purpose of which is to protect the capital of domestic or foreign investors or investment funds.

Bond issued on first demand, which purpose is to protect the capital of investors or national or foreign investment funds from any possible default by the debtor. This bond or guarantee is normally reinsured by international companies with A or + rating, which makes our product more safe and reliable.

If you are a COMPANY, we support your contracts for the execution of work, the provision of services, supplies, among others.

Aficontracts it’s an efficient alternative to contracting between non-state companies, to support construction works contracts, provision of services, supplies, etc.

It’s created as a protection mechanism to counter current national policies on public procurement.

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We are the largest private company in Colombia, with more experience in the bail sector, greater national presence and the broadest portfolio of bond products in the country.

Founded in 2007 in response to a series of needs in the industrial, solidary, real estate and commercial sectors, Afiancol is a dynamic company that provides agile and efficient solutions to the different requirements of the private sector, in order to protect the assets of Colombians and companies operating in Colombia, always with the guidance of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Afiancol is the only Colombian entrenching company that has the confidence, solidity and support of an international reinsurer.

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